Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Over 1,700 American soldiers have died in Iraq. The authors of the war somberly state that we must make sure that they didn't die in vain. This fatigued cliche comes too late. The administration reflexively repeats it to encourage support for a calculated war which was brutally miscalculated.
Those who were sent on this misadventure were honorably fighting for a contrived policy rooted in no honor. They, who have so quietly been placed in the ground, are being used a second time for the political cover of others. No manufactured explanation or ad hoc rational should blur the grim truth that those unlived lives ended in vain.
More will die in vain to white-out the deceit of those with blood on their hands. Blood which is never of their own .


Rue said...

Thankyou for expressing the tragedy.It was poignant and long overdue.

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