Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Triangle Trade

  No, not that one.
This is the Triangle Trade run by Speaker of the New York Assembly, Sheldon Silver.
The triangle was between a doctor, a law firm, and Silver’s bank accounts.
What a clever scheme. 
No wonder he was the speaker for the past 20 years.
Shelly landed himself a $120,000 per annum side job (a non-job, really) with a personal injury law firm.  The firm sought people with mesothelioma… a disease caused by asbestos…because the potential settlements were huge and the practice was awarded the customary 30%.  
It was a gold mine. They even ran TV solicitations for more afflicted clients.

Columbia University had a doctor and researcher who specialized in mesothelioma. People with the dreaded disease flocked to him.
Shelly did the math.
He worked out a special deal with the doctor.
The Doctor would refer his patients to the law firm in exchange for secretly funneled state grants.
The good doctor obliged and was happy.

The plan provided the firm with valuable clients and their lucrative civil suits.
The lawyers were happy.

The speaker received millions in commissions from the law firm, which made him happy.

And we haven’t even talked about the extortion, the tax evasion, or the real estate scams.

Mr. Silver faces many decades of prison time.
The prediction here is he’ll get somewhere between a token punishment or less. 

That 2 party club that calls itself New York State’s government likes to keep a hazy, soft-edge on political propriety, ethical regulations, and convenient escape hatches.
The citizens shouldn’t be happy.




We can only hope that justice is done, but a powerful democratic politician being investigated by a powerful democratic justice department in a powerful democratic New York State where the next powerful democratic President will come from in 2016, doesn't leave us with much hope that justice will prevail.

quicksand said...

Mr. Impaler,
We both share in our hope for justice.
We don't, however, share the view that one party is participating in the abuse and corruption in Albany.
Albany is an equal opportunity nest of scoundrels.
They make the 'laws' that allow members of the 'club' to do crimes without serving times.Bruce Stasiuk
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Everyone knows that it is the party in charge at the time that is in charge of the corruption. Lobbiests always give to the party in charge.

quicksand said...

So...you think only one party has members who engage in corruption?
If only!

quicksand said...

Consideration: according to today's New YorkTimes, over the past decade, about 30 state politicians have been removed from office for various offenses. About 5 republicans and 25 democrats.