Monday, January 09, 2017


Bombs have been around for nearly one thousand years.  Countries  use them against their enemies to do harm without themselves getting harmed.
We used them in both World Wars, Vietnam and Iraq.
Japan employed the pilot as bomb…the  Kamakazi, who committed suicide by crashing his  explosive-loaded plane  into a military target…usually a ship.
In recent years, a new type of Kamakazi weapon emerged... the suicide bomber…the man as weapon.

The suicide bomber, wearing a vest filled with explosives,  sacrifices his own life in the process of taking the life of the enemy.

We now have the era of  the “Political Suicide Bomber.” Although this  PSB is not trying to kill  anyone, he is angry and vehemently  opposed to  the principals, practices, and politics of the perceived “enemy”. 
He therefore votes for a candidate who champions policies that  harm   the opposition,  while unintentionally sacrificing his own self-interest in the process.

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