Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Epiphany Epiphany

He was so easy to mock, with that Looney Tunes bulls-eye stenciled on his face.
He colored himself Smurf on the outside and vodka on the inside. 
Rumor said it was Merlot.
He might even have been liquor less, but the watery eyes gave him that piano-lounge look.
He carried the label ‘The Weeper of the House.’
Merely the word ‘nostalgia’ moistened his eyes.
He’d start to speak but finished blubbering. 

And that intransigent party made his life hell.
They tormented him and ridiculed him.
The democrats weren’t much help either.
He claimed that for years he had been telling his wife that he’d surrender the post. 
But he didn’t.

Then the amazing man came to America.

He was so easy to love.
He smiled, was gentle, cared for the needy, and cared for the planet. 
He was not about wealth and power.

John was touched by the man … both, his arm and his mind.
The man asked that John pray for him.
He realized so clearly, that the man had it right. 
It was not about trench warfare.
It was human welfare.
Yes, his eyes watered up.
He decided at that moment that he was struggling with the wrong struggle.
He was free.

Bruce Stasiuk
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